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My daughter has truly thrived at the Harvey Homeschool. She is currently in the 6th grade and I

am so happy that she loves going to school every day, learning and interacting with her peers.

She always did well in public school, but together with our daughter, my husband and I decided

that for the beginning of middle school we would give homeschooling a try. She has excelled

beyond our expectations and is just blossoming into an amazing intellectual and person. The

one on one attention and the fact that our daughter masters mathematic, language arts,

science, etc. concepts before moving onto the next level truly has made a difference. We are so

impressed each week with the knowledge our daughter has gained and we are thankful for the

Harvey Homeschool and Nancy. It works for our family and our daughter at this time in her life

and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Amie & Lance Ludwig

Jupiter, Florida

After attending both public and private schools in the PBC area, I was fortunate enough to be be introduced to Mrs. Harvey through a mom at school who was having great success “homeschooling” her grade school children.  I gave Mrs. Harvey a call to better understand how she was developing a homeschool experience not quite in the “home".  At the end of the day, this is not different than any other traditional school; however, it’s oh so different in all the right ways!!  I love the fact that Mrs. Harvey is developing education plans that work for each child’s specific needs all while incorporating group instruction in a small school atmosphere.  The school encourages socialization, time management, responsibility, respect and most of all fun.  If you child excels, they will have a curriculum developed that will push them to their greatest potential.  If your child needs help in certain areas, their curriculum will be developed to help meet those needs.  Every child's educational needs are being met and not necessarily based on what the grade level or age dictates.  I feel fortunate we are giving them this type of opportunity….I wish this existed when I was a child!!

Courtney Lemasney

From the very beginning, homeschooling my children has been a top priority.  To be able to train character, not just their mind.  To tailor their education, complimenting their strengths and weaknesses, all while continually challenging them to be the very best they can be.  While it wasn’t always easy, keeping my 3 boys home was one of the best decisions and I eagerly anticipated schooling my new baby girl as she began to develop.  I had dreams of doing things in ways I never could with the boys.  Those dreams slowly began to shatter as her strong will and determination kept us from completing seat work so that we could do the fun things too.  It became a daily battle I was increasingly weary from.  Academics weren’t being trained and neither was her character.  I started dreading the days with her which absolutely broke my heart.  My relationship with my daughter was suffering.  We’d tried everything and I was ready to give up.


When I first heard about Nancy Harvey she was in a home teaching just a few students.  I thought this might just be the answer!  A homeschool environment, with a certified teacher, and the ability to have a voice in what she was taught!  We visited the school and the two of us instantly fell in love.  I felt justified that it wasn’t merely my inability to teach, Nancy approaches things much like I do, and she bonded instantly with her.  That was Spring of her 3rd-grade year.  She’s now in her 5th-grade year and we still feel the same!  We are given flexibility when needed, she’s challenged in her areas of strength (SAT words for spelling!) and continually encouraged in areas that prove difficult.  Her schedule isn’t so taxing that she is burdened with homework night after night which allows her to pursue her competitive sport and still be a kid.  We are given freedom when our family’s needs shift and she doesn’t miss a beat. 


Nancy cares about the individual and has a heart for each and everyone one of the children that cross

the threshold into her classroom.  She knows their strengths and requires them to rise.  She knows their difficulties and challenges them to persevere.  She doesn’t shy away from difficult situations or sweep problems under the rug. 


Our family just went through an incredibly difficult season in life and Nancy was there every step of the way.  Academics were always important but she was there to allow her to process and get through things without having school be yet another stressor.

Nancy has allowed us to maintain the flexibility and quality education of a homeschool but relieves the stress that unforeseen situations may cause a family to not thrive in a more traditional homeschooling environment.


My daughter is now thriving academically and emotionally and challenged in all areas.  The best part about it all, s it has given me the ability to heal our relationship and my daughter is now one of the brightest spots in my day! 

Wendy Wilson

During my 3 years at The Harvey Homeschool, I was very happy.  Unlike other schools or if I was just learning by myself, I feel that I retained more information.  I would make up rhymes and songs with my classmates and I still remember some things today.  I loved the field trips we went on and the fun that I had, even when I was just on a break from school.  I felt that I was special and that I was cared for.  Mrs. Harvey taught me school but also taught me Life, and I'm so grateful that I was her student. 

Isabella, currently an 8th Grade student at Jupiter Christian Academy

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